What is CrowdsEye?
CrowdsEye is a music based social network created to transform the way people experience live music events. Users will compete in interactive online CrowdsEye Challenges where they will submit photos, videos, stories, and reviews to be voted on by a community of fans. Our interactive CrowdsEye Challenges will be specifically tailored to the unique characteristics of each live event with categories that reflect its crowd, culture, and history. Whoever receives the most votes will win prizes like cash, live event tickets, electronics, and merchandise.Through our interactive CrowdsEye Challenges, CrowdsEye will amass a database of fan-generated social media content organized by hashtags, date, location, and most importantly, popularity. Unlike traditional social media, users will have easy access to the best content without having to search for it. Our goal is to become the home base for fans to express and share the collective energy felt at the concert, sporting event, or festival -- to create a social network not divided along the lines of traditional relationships, but instead brought together by the communal experience of attending a live event.
How to signup for CrowdsEye.com?
You can login to CrowdsEye two ways. The easiest is to use Facebook. If you don't want to link your account, then just give us a username, email address, and a password and you're in!
How do I vote?
When you vote for photos, a grid will appear. If there are 9 photos, you can vote for up to 3 in each set before clicking the next button. For 16, you can vote for up to 4. Remember, voting helps get you points for your own CrawdsEye Challenges!
How do I participate in CrowdsEye Challenges?
Congratulations! You've joined a challenge. Now, you can submit, vote on, and browse all content on CrowdsEye.

Points are accumulated by earning badges. You can earn badges in the following ways:

*Submitting photos, stories, and reviews.
*Submitting in every category.
*Voting on other users' submissions.
*Having your item place in the top 10 of its category.
*Having your item favorited.
Why Can't I Vote in Browse?
At CrowdsEye, we want to make sure our voting process is a fair, balanced system. That's why usernames don't appear in the voting section and photos are completely randomized -- it's a true "blind taste test".

If you were allowed to vote in the "Browse" section, then you could sort by user and vote for one user's content. Basically, it would be much easier to cheat. However, you can still favorite things in browse, which does affect a photo's score total.

For stories and reviews, you can vote on them in both "Vote" and "Browse". It's a different voting system altogether and requires you to open each item individually.
How do I achieve badges?
Coachella Valley Badge: Submit 5 items in the Coachella Valley Challenge

CrowdsEye Summer Challenge Badge: Submit 5 items in the CrowdsEye Summer Challenge

First Submission: Submit 1 item

Photographer Badge: Submit 10 Photos
Seasoned Photographer Badge: Complete Every Photo Category

Storyteller Badge: Submit 1 Story
Seasoned Storyteller Badge: Complete Every Story Category

Journalist Badge: Submit 1 Review
Seasoned Journalist Badge: Complete Every Review Category

Super Badge: Complete Every Category

Popular Badge: Have an item favorited 10 times.

To earn more stripes, you need 50, 100, 500, 1,000, and 5,000 favorites!

Judge Badge: Vote 10 times.

To earn more stripes, you need to vote over 50, 100, 500, 1,000, and 5,000 times!

Banker Badge: Earn 100 points.

To earn more stripes, you need 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000 points!
Can I submit the same photo in different categories?
No. You have to decide which photo category best suits your photo.

However, if you want to use a photo to compliment your story or review and you have already submitted it in a photo category, you may do that.
How does the point system work?
Each badge is worth a certain number of points:

*First submission - (20 points)

*Submit 10 photos (Photographer Badge) - 5 pts

*Submit 1 stories (Storyteller Badge) - 5 pts

*Submit 1 review (Journalist Badge) - 5 pts

*Completed every stories category (Seasoned Storyteller) - 25 pts

*Completed every review category (Seasoned Journalist) - 25 pts

*Completed every photo category (Seasoned Photographer) - 25 pts

*Completed every video category (Seasoned Filmmaker) - 25 pts

*Complete every category (Seasoned Hunter) - 100 points

Submit 5 items in SXSW Challenge (SXSW Badge) - get entered to win the ipad - 10 pts

*Win a category (Trophy) - 100 pts**
*2nd Place - 90
*3rd Place - 80
*4th Place - 70
*5th Place - 60
*6th Place - 50
*7th Place - 40
*8th Place - 30
*9th Place - 20
*10th Place - 10

*Note: If it’s your 2nd best submission in a category, you get 50\% of the points you would’ve gotten if it were your top pointgetting. For the 3rd it is 25\%. Example: if you get 1st and 3rd place in a category, you get 140 points (100 + (80/2) = 140).

*Judge Badge - for each stripe earned, you get: 25 points (10 votes), 50 points (50 votes), 75 points (100 votes), 150 points (500 votes), 200 points (1,000 votes), and 250 points (5,000 votes).

*Popular Badge) - 20 points for each stripe (10, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000 favorites)

*Earn 20 badges (Super Badge) - 30pts

*Remember! If your item is flagged and that flag is upheld, you lose 20 points per upheld flag.
What happens if my item is flagged?
Items can be flagged for a variety of reasons. If your submission is inappropriate (nudity, violence, etc.) it will be flagged. If you resubmit someone else's submission, it will be flagged. If you submit material that is trademarked or copywrited, it will be flagged.

All flags are subject to review by the admins. An upheld flag will result in a warning and 20 points deducted from your point total. A second warning will result in a ban for both your email address and IP address.
What are the Rules and Regulations?
Check the bottom of any page on CrowdsEye.com for the full Rules and Regulations of our CrowdsEye Challenges.

Some important points:

*Categories may be removed if there isn't enough user participation.
*Content submitted can be used for promotional purposes by CrowdsEye and the event host. Proper credit will be given.
*CrowdsEye employees are not eligible to win any prizes.

How to use crowdseye.com